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  Welcome to the Ultimate Online Client Questionnaire. This exciting new product will revolutionise the way will run its practice.
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Revolutionise your practice NOW! Please contact us on 0800 232-626 or e-mail us by clicking here for further information and a demonstration of our Online Client Questionnaire.
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  So, there you have it. A questionnaire with all these great features:
  • Easy to use - Will be easy for the client to use, therefore they will complete it and you will have an improved strike rate.

  • Personalised Checklist - Produces a personalised checklist driven off the answers given. The end of missing information and the picking up and putting down of jobs. No more write offs!

  • Ideal Interview Tool - A fantastic interview tool for your practice, again ensuring you receive the information you need upfront to process the work.

  • Increase Profitability and Client Satisfaction - Improve profitability and client satisfaction overnight with use of the product.

  • No hassle to setup - There is no disruption to your practice in implementing the questionnaire. Initial set-up is around 5 minutes and then it is as simple as a click of a button by you when you are ready to send.

  • Only $5.20 per Questionnaire - It's priced competitively with a minimal $1.20 administration fee per questionnaire sent (which you would easily pay in stamps and envelopes) then a further $4 for completed questionnaires only. This will mean the end of the old fashioned paper based or PDF questionnaires!
Revolutionise your practice NOW! Contact us on 0800 232-626 or you can request a demo version of this product by clicking here.