Online Client Questionnaire DEMO Stage 5
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  Welcome to the Ultimate Online Client Questionnaire. This exciting new product will revolutionise the way will run its practice.
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  Once completed the client will arrive at the checklist.
This is an exciting feature that will improve your productivity beyond your expectations. Based on the answers the client has given, they will receive a checklist which avoids any missing information, picking the job up and putting it back down, the bane of our lives and one of the main reasons for write offs. Imagine what this can do to your bottom line!!!!

The terms of compilation engagement appearing in the checklist can remain as the standard supplied or given the litigious society that we live in where everyone wants to sue you, you may wish to customise. You may also wish to incorporate your terms of payment.

Depending on your processes and practices the questionnaire is a great interview tool. Either on the phone or in person. You can hold the clients hand and assist, or, actually complete it for them. Either way this will ensure the checklist is generated and you receive the information you require upfront!!!!!