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  The BEANCOUNTER experience never stops.


BEANCOUNTER offers a quick and easy way to deal with staff shortages, workflow deadlines and accuracy concerns. We know exactly what you need, and we deliver it consistently on time and to budget. We maximise the use of our own skills and knowledge for the benefit of your business, and your satisfaction is always our number one goal.

Who is the face behind BEANCOUNTER?
You can have confidence in the BEANCOUNTER service as the founder, Denis Woods, has been in Public Practice for over 30 years and as a result has empathy with the issues of operating a Public Practice.

How will BEANCOUNTER improve my business?
BEANCOUNTER allows you to manage and grow your business. This will enable you to:
  • Increase your client base without added infrastructure costs
  • Create time to add value to your client’s business and increase your own practice income
  • Benefit from hassle free preparation of draft financial statements
  • Reduce staff management and training
  • Lower staff and infrastructure costs
  • Provide a quick turnaround of client's accounts

How long will it take BEANCOUNTER to produce the Draft Financial Statements?
The BEANCOUNTER turnaround will improve your practice management and client relationships because we have an incredibly prompt turn around time.

To what stage are the financial statements completed?
BEANCOUNTER completes Draft Financial Statements with comprehensive workpapers, compilation check list and supporting documentation.

How secure is your service?
The BEANCOUNTER service operates using a secure website based portal environment with clients having unique individual access login details ensuring that all information is protected at all times. Access to this information is controlled using the strictest security procedures.

The portal is accredited with an international Extended Validation SSL Certificate (2048-bit SSL Certificate) offering the highest assurance available for clients authenticating the business behind the domain. This technology, exclusive to SSL Certificates, provides BEANCOUNTER clients with greater assurance and confidence that they are interacting with a verified business on a secured domain that protects any visitors from potential phishing attacks. BEANCOUNTER have undergone a rigorous validation process in obtaining this Certificate, a process that ensures Certificates are only issued to the most trusted organisations.

What qualifications do the BEANCOUNTER Service Providers hold?
You can be confident that BEANCOUNTER is providing a top accountant to process your work. Approximately 50% of the Service Providers working for BEANCOUNTER are Chartered Accountants. The remaining have University Degrees, are Accounting Technicians or are qualified by experience. All Service Providers have extensive experience within New Zealand Chartered Accountancy Practices. Any potential Service Providers are required to complete a test to establish their suitability which is subject to a rigorous review.

Where are the BEANCOUNTER Service Providers based?
The innovative BEANCOUNTER software has enabled BEANCOUNTER to secure quality accountants throughout New Zealand. In order to ensure all accounts are prepared in line with current best practice and for the understanding of the intricacies of New Zealand Accounting, all BEANCOUNTER Service Providers are based exclusively in New Zealand.

Are the BEANCOUNTER Service Providers undertaking continuing education training?
BEANCOUNTER provides all of their Service Providers with appropriate continuing education each quarter through either New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants or a NZICA approved course.

Should I be concerned about confidentiality?
NO – We recognise confidentiality is the tenet of the accounting profession and accordingly treat it very seriously. Confidentiality is covered in our Terms of Engagement as well as all employees and Service Providers having appropriate confidentiality clauses in their contracts.

How simple is the BEANCOUNTER software to use?
The BEANCOUNTER software is very simple to use. This software has been designed by accountants for accountants. No installation is required and training can take as little as half an hour.

Is there a charge for training and support?
NO - We understand Accountants are concerned at the add-on costs charged by some organisations for installation, software and support charges. BEANCOUNTER does not charge for training or support.

How do we best utilise the BEANCOUNTER service?
There are a number of alternatives in using the BEANCOUNTER service. Please contact us to discuss the most effective and efficient approach for your business.

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